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Ouir school meals are provided by ISS Education and they have a new order and payment system called cypad which requires an account to be set up for every child on their website if you wish for them to have school dinner. Once you have registered you can order food for up to 6 weeks in advance as well as adding and tracking credit on your child's account.

Please ensure that you order both free and paid to ensure your child has the meal they want. Cypad will monitor the credit on your child's account and will provide reminders when additional credit is required to ensure your child is able to recieve a meal each day when in school.


The ISS website is


1) Search for our school in the central search bar

2) Click on payments to register

3) Click on register and fill in your personal and poupil details

4) You will receive 2 emails, one confirmation and the second (which may take a while) is an activation link to enable the account.


Once you have registered you can log in via the payments section to see all the account details.

There is a minimum payment opf £10.00 required to use the ordering system. This can be split among 2 or more children and can be any combination of amounts so long as the total added to your account is at least £10.00.

If your child is entitled to free meals under the new government scheme for universal free school meals you DO NOT need to make payments.

To make an advance payment enter the amount in the amount column and click next. Then fill out your card details and click 'authorise', do not click more than once.


Please note ISS do not store card details

Once your payment has been authorised your account will be updated and you will be sent a confirmation email. Your school will automatically be informed of the new credit amount.

If you have any problems registering or have any queries in regards to payments please contact the cypad support team on 0844583754 or alternatively you can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Thank you, Stephanie



Additional Information:


Caroline Walker Trust:



School Food Matters

326 Upper Richmond Road West

London SW14 7JN

020 8392 5055

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