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Year 5/6 Mixed Basketball Tournament

On Thursday, Patrick Ayoola (c), Andrew Shako, Ajmal Kasiyre, Xian Leonard, Rayyan Shaikh and Bailey Duncan went to Chessington Community College (CCC) to participate in a Kingston Primary Borough Basketball Competition. Our first match was against St. Matthew’s; we won 5-1. Patrick scored an amazing 4 of those 5 and Andrew added 1 to that, confirming our win. Secondly we won (again) against St. Agatha’s, the score was 2-1. Patrick scored 1 so did Andrew. Our third match was against Grand Avenue. Sadly, we lost 3-1, Xian scored the 1. Into the quarter -finals, we were against Grand Avenue again. This time we outstandingly won 2-1 and bought ourselves from the lost we received. Patrick scored all of the baskets. Onto the semi-finals, we were facing Tolworth. We successfully won 3-1 with Patrick scoring them all.

In the finals, Patrick scored 2 and Xian scored 1 making us win 3-1 and coming 1st to represent Kingston in the London Youth Games. 

Year 4/5 Girls Football Tournament

On Thursday 5th May, a team consisting of four Year 5 girls (Kate, Selena, Elly and Ceren, 5T) and three Year 4 girls (Lena, Carmen, and Jasmine, 4B) set out in the bad traffic to get to Chessington Community College for their first tournament together as a team.

They had a brilliant first match against St. Pauls, winning 4-0; Carmen scoring all the goals. Their next match was a close win, only just winning 1-0 against Lovelace; Carmen scoring again. SASM’s 3rd match against Fern Hill was extraordinary, winning 4-0; Carmen and Kate scoring. Their next match was a brilliant win against St. Agatha’s 5-0; Carmen and Kate scoring. On our final match against Grand Avenue we lost 7-0!

Out of 6 schools, SASM came 2nd! All of the girls had a great time and can’t wait to sign up for the next tournament! We all must give Mr. Staines a huge round of applause for managing our team, refereeing, and putting up with a load of noisy girls! 

Year 5/6 Mixed Table Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday 27th April 2016, Oliver, Amelie, Robbie and Macie went to the table tennis finals tournament. It was held at Coombe Boys' Secondary school where there were 552 games played. We were there for 3 hours. The referees were students from Coombe Boys' who helped run our games. We didn't win, but we had great fun! 


Year 3/4 Girls Football Tournament

On Wednesday 23rd March 2016, Carmen, Lena, Yejoo, Heather, Lorena and Lianne went to a football tournament at Kew Association Football Ground and played against three other schools. First, we played against St. Agatha’s and we won 8-0. Carmen scored all of them. In our second match, we played against King Athelstan and we won 12-0. Carmen scored 10, Heather scored 1 and Yejoo scored after that. In our final match, we played against Lovelace and won 10-0. Carmen scored 8, Lorena scored 1 and the opposition did an own- goal! Overall we scored 30 goals and won all our games. And Lena didn’t let any of the balls go into our goal! 


Year 5/6 Mixed Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday 23rd February 8 Yr 5/6 children participated in the Kingston Borough Hockey Tournament. The SASM team decided that their targets were to show great teamwork and encouragement. They did this so well that they won all 3 group matches: 2-1 against Lovelace; 1-0 versus St Agatha's and a thumping 5-1 victory over St. John's. All the team worked hard and despite bumps to Sohail's cheek and Ella's ankle they never stopped running. Some fantastic defending from Dina and Dexter led to a flowing move up the pitch, finished off by a stylish strike from Seb. India's tireless running and support of the striker led to her own personal tally of 3 goals. Dana and Ted proved themselves to be very versatile players playing in nearly every position, and always with a smile. By winning their group SASM qualified for the semi-final and came up against an experienced Malden Manor, the team battled hard but eventually lost 0-5. Exhaustion began to show and in the 3rd/4th play-off match the team lost to St. Matthew's but still finished a very creditable 4th out of 16 schools competing.

Congratulations to the team on their fantastic performance and wonderful teamwork. 


Year 5/6 Mixed Netball Tournament

On Friday 5th February, 8 children from years 5 and 6 played in the annual High 5 Netball Tournament. Having been placed in a group with Christchurch Surbiton, Fern Hill and Surbiton Girls, SASM were eager to begin. With games only lasting 5 minutes per half and the rules stating compulsory rotation of positions, Team SASM showed a great deal of resilience, determination and nerve, especially when playing against Christchurch in their first match. There were some fantastic

interceptions, particularly from Jasmine Mesawang and Scarlett Willoughby, which helped SASM gain the lead in their second match, which eventually led to their victory against Fern Hill. However, Team SASM were no match for the stamina of Surbiton Girls and they eventually admitted defeat in their final match. All 8 children played phenomenally well and demonstrated an impressive level of sportsmanship. Well done! 


Year 5/6 Mixed Football Tournament

On Tuesday 8th March 2016, Amelia, Ruby, Kate, Macie, Noah, Teddy, Roman and Isaac went to a mixed football tournament at Chessington Community College. We played against 5 other schools and couldn’t wait to get started. First we played against Christ Church and won 2-1, we were very happy that we set off to a good start. We then played another match against St Mathew’s and won 2-0. Next we played against Tolworth Juniors and drew 2-2. Finally, we drew our last 2-2 match against St Paul’s Primary. Overall we came third and sadly didn’t get to the finals but we are all happy about what we achieved.

Ruby Shaikh – 6LB


Year 5 6 football


Year 5/6 Girls' Football Final

After winning our group in the qualifying stages, we (Ruby, Macie, Amelia, Shayan, Kate, Lily, Maddie and Jasmine) progressed through to the borough finals. We played 7 games across the afternoon, which was extremely tiring playing back-to-back games. We had a mixed set of results, winning some, drawing some and losing some.

Unfortunately, our lack of goals from our attackers, coupled with leaving holes in our defence, allowed our opposition to take advantage of this. Overall we came 8th in the borough, out of over 40 schools. We all did extremely well and are proud of getting to the finals. Thank you to all the adults that drove and supported us throughout.

IMG 6124IMG 6126


Year 5/6 Boys' Football

On Tuesday 3rd November, Isaac Beesley-Roach, Alfie Lowe, Noah Chamberlain, Roman Price, Teddy Curtis, Luke Sale and Billy Sale went to Chessington Community College for the 2015 Year 5 & 6 Boys’ Football Qualifiers.

First we played Fern Hill and we drew 0-0. Then we played Corpus Christi and lost 1-0. Next we played Burlington and won 2-0. Noah scored both goals!

After, we played Coombe Hill and lost 3-1. Roman scored the one goal. Finally, we played Castle Hill and lost 4-0. Everybody enjoyed themselves and we are hoping to have another tournament soon.

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Upper School Cross Country

On the 5th of November, 31 schools took part in a 2k cross country run at KGS sports ground. For our girls, Team A came 15th out of 31 schools, Team B came 9th out of 22 schools and Team C came 5th out of 6 schools. For our boys, Team A came 17th out of 31 schools and Team B came 11th out of 24 schools.

We had two of our girls coming in the top 20 out of 272 runners; Ella Cashman came 14th place and Catlin O’Donovan came 11th place. We also had Noah CA coming 30th out of 307. But sadly, we were defeated by Holy Cross Prep, being the all-round winner for the girls’ category. Latchmere came on top of the boys’ races with a 1st and a 2nd. All of the SASM team thoroughly enjoyed this day out and are looking forward to future tournaments.

By Eve McNeill and Megan Johnston - 6G

IMG 0134


Year 3/4 Girls' Football

On Thursday 8th October 2-15 the girls went to a football tournament at Kew Association Football Ground. In our first match, we played Fern Hill and Carmen scored 2 goals and our opposition scored none. We won that match 2-0. In our second match we won 6-0 and Carmen scored 6 goals. Olivia scored another goal but it was disallowed. In our final match we won 2-1 against St. Luke’s and Carmen scored both goals. It was the toughest match as they were a really good team. Overall we scored 10 goals and won all our games. 


Year 5/6 Girls' Football

On Tuesday 6th October 2015, Ruby, Kate, Amelia, Macie, Lily and Shayan went to CCC and played against 4 other schools. Here’s how it went... 

First we played Robin Hood, we won 4-0 and Amelia scored from the half-way line. Then Macie scored twice! Shortly after Amelia scored again and the match ended in 4-0 to us.In our second match we played St. Joseph’s and we drew 0-0 although we didn’t try our hardest. In our third match we played Malden Manor and won 2-0, Amelia scored a terrific goal and so did Macie. In our 4th and final match we played a challenging team named Tolworth. They scored 1 and then Macie scored the equaliser. Overall we got 8 points and came first. Finals here we come! 



Year 5/6 Swimming Gala

On Thursday 24th Sept 2015, we went to the New Malden Leisure Centre to take part in the KSSP Borough Year 5&6 Swimming Gala. The 13-strong team consisted of Oliver E, James J, Ella K and Harry P in 5A; George T & Finnian C in 5T; Isabell dB, Ella C & Caitlin O’D in 6C; Amelie M, Ada H, Megan J & Eve McN in 6G and Sam C in 6LB. There were many schools there and we competed in breast stroke,  front crawl and backstroke races as well as mixed relays. Sam Conte came 2nd in his race and we all thoroughly enjoyed the event. Thanks to Megan’s and Amelie’s mum for helping to transport us to the event. 



Year 6 B Team Football


In our first match we played Robin Hood and drew 1-1. Luca scored the only goal. In our second match we played Christ Church Surbiton and won an exciting game 3-2. Riley, Luca and Edward scored our goals. In our third match we played Burlington and drew 2-2. Luca scored both of our goals. In our fourth match we played OLI and lost 1-0 due to an unexpected last minute goal. In our last match we played Grand Avenue and won 3-2 again. It was an exciting match and full of nail-biting moments. We got our goals through Luca, Jacob and one deflected own goal.


Overall, we came 2nd out of six competing schools but OLI won in 1st Place.


It was a fun tournament and everyone played their best!


By Tom Stuart (6LB) and Cameron Fay (6G)


 Table Tennis Boys


On Thursday 7th May three year 6 and three year 5 boys went to Richard Challoner School to participate in a Kingston schools table tennis tournament. We were split in to 6 groups and played 6 games each. Zaccai, Daniel and Emile all won three games each, Daniel won 2 games and Luca top scored for our team winning three and drawing one. Unfortunately Aseniy was placed in the hardest group and had a tough time.


Overall we came 7th out of 9, which was quite good considering we don’t have table tennis tables to practise on.


By Emile McDonald (6T)

Table Tennis Girls


On Thursday the 30th April six year 6 girls went to compete at Richard Challenor School for a table tennis tournament. Alex won 2 out of 8, Lyela won 2, Ellie won 3, Hollie won 4, Hannah won 6 and Ryma won 5. In total we had 88 points and came joint 4th out of 8. Considering the 3 schools that beat us have tables and practise every day, it was a good achievement. We had a good time, enjoyed ourselves and were proud of our success.


By Lyela El-Kazzaz (6T) & Hannah Mitchell (6G)


 Basketball A Team





On Thursday the 13th of May year 5 and 6 went to a basketball tournament at Chessington Community College. Our A Team was Zaccai, Lyela, Toru, Nina and Daniel.




In our first match we lost against Lovelace Zaccai scoring one basket. Next match A Team were against St Joseph’s lower school. We won 4-1 Zaccai scoring three and Lyela scoring 1. After that we were against St Joseph’s upper school losing 3-6 Daniel scoring 1 and Zaccai scoring 2. In our last match we were against Grand Avenue losing 4-2 Zaccai scoring 2.




Overall we came 5th out of 10. Everyone enjoyed the matches and we did better than last time.



 Basketball B Team




On Thursday 14th May Jack, Patrick, Andrew and Alex went to Chesington community college to play in a 3 v 3 basketball tournament. On are first game we were just getting started and won 6 – 1 against Lovelace B Patrick scored 2, Jack 1, Andrew 1 and Alex scored 2 as well as Patrick. Our next game we thrashed Ellingham 5 – 0 Jack scored 4 and Patrick scored 1. For our 3rd game we won (again) 3-1 against Burlington. Patrick scored 2 and Andrew scored 1. For our 4th game we came back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 (Jack scored 1 and Patrick scored 2) against Grand Avenue B, but unfortunately we lost on the shoot-out at the end.




In the semi-final we lost 5-4 to Grand Avenue A. Patrick scored 2 and so did Jack. We could have drawn but the Grand Avenue star player managed to keep possession in the last ten seconds of the game. On the last game we were playing for 3rd and 4th place sadly we lost 2-1 against Lovelace A, Patrick scored 1.







Written by Patrick Ayoola (5A) and Jack Rust (5O).

Boys Football at Kew




On Wednesday 22nd of April we went to year 5 football tournament at Kew Association. In our first match against East Sheen, we drew 0-0. In our second match against castle hill we won 1-0 and roman scored a long-range goal. In our third match against Latchmere it was a close match but even though we drew 0-0 we dominated .In our fourth match against St. Marys we drew again but were very unlucky as Noah hit the post and then the crossbar from around 30-40 yards out. In our final match against Russel, we won 2-0. Noah scored 2. We came top of our group and went in to the semi-final.







In the semi- final, they scored first. Then they increased their lead. After that we responded with an amazing team goal that Jack scored. Finally, they finished it off with them scoring another goal that deflected of Roman which was unfortunate. Overall we came joint third and Isaac didn’t concede a goal until the semi-final, against Queens from Kew who went on to win the year five tournament.







By Dexter Hawkins & Noah Chamberlain-Anstead, 5O.


Girls Football at Kew


On Wednesday 22nd April year 5 girls took part in a five-a-side football tournament at Kew Association Football Club. In or first match we played the team that always beat us, Grand Avenue. They beat us 3-0 but we recovered for our second match when we played St. Agatha’s and we won 1-0. Maddy scored a brilliant goal. In our third match we played St. Joseph’s and won 1-0 again. Amelia scored a good solo goal. The defenders and Macie in goal were really good at keeping the other team put. In our fourth match we played Malden Manor. Our luck didn’t last that long because we sadly lost 1-0 in a tight game because we all tried to score. In our last match we played Meadlands and Macie was brilliant. She scored a hat-trick and made us win 3-0. Each match was only six minutes and we came 2nd in our group behind Malden Manor. Overall we missed out on the semi- finals by 1 point and came 6th out of the 18 teams that took part. We did very well and did our school proud!


By Jasmine Woodley & Ruby Shaikh, 5G.


Quicksticks Hockey Tournament


On Tuesday 24th February, Giacomo, Hollie, Sebastian, Seb, Yasmin, Toru and Ella went to a year 5 and 6 Quicksticks Hockey Tournament at Surbiton Hockey Club.


We left school at 3:20 and had some time to practise before the tournament started at 4:00 o’clock. Our first game was against Grand Avenue, where Seb scored a goal, however Grand Avenue managed to score 2 leaving a loss for us.


At 4:40 we had our second match against Coombe Hill Juniors who pulled ahead before Sebastian scored a good individual goal. Unfortunately they scored a late last minute goal to beat us 2-1 again.


We lost 5-0 in both our third and fourth games against Surbiton High Juniors and the tournament winners Christchurch A Team.


Overall we came fourth out of our group but we enjoyed taking part in SASM’s first ever hockey tournament.



By Ella Cashman, 5O.

Tag Rugby


On Tuesday 10th February, a group of six boys and three girls were selected to represent SASM at the Kingston Schools Borough Tag Rugby Tournament at Lovelace Primary School.


In our first match we played Ellingham Primary School. We won the match relatively comfortably, scoring 8 tries to their 3 with Sam Heptonstall scoring an impressive five tries! Our second game, against King’s Oak, was much tighter as we scored five tries and conceded four. In our third and final group game, we played Knollmead, winning with an amazing score line of 9-3!


As we came top of our group, we went through to the semi final. Unfortunately we came up against a very strong team from St Paul’s Primary School and suffered an upsetting defeat, losing 8-4 (with some questionable referee decisions!)


To round off the tournament we played a play off with King Athelstan and restored our pride, winning 9 tries to 6.


After all the matches had been played, SASM came a respectable third out of 16 schools! We worked well as a team, each of us playing to our own strengths and everyone scoring at least one try each. We all had a great time and Mr Osborne hopes that we will be able to do even better next year!



By Thomas Cowan, 6T.

Sports Hall Athletics Final


On Tuesday 13th of January 16 people (8 girls and 8 boys) went to Chessington Community Centre for the FINALJ of the sports hall athletics. We all wanted to win! The 1st race was 2 people doing 1 lap each. Ellie and Scarlett finished 5th then Roman and Luca came 6th. Then there was 2 people doing 2 laps each Yasmin and Nina came 2nd and Ben and Sam came 2nd.


Then we had some field events (not outside). Some of the best scores were… Ben threw 5.5m in Chest push; Yasmin jumped 5.4m in the triple jump; in speed bounce, Jack did 46 bounces, Ella did 46 and Nina did 43. In the vertical jump Ellie jumped 44cm, Aimee jumped 36cm and in the long jump, Yasmin jumped 98cm while Scarlett jumped 40cm.


(Back to running events again) Then we had 2 people sharing 6 laps between them. Alex and Ella came 4th and Matt and Seb came 4th as well. Then we had the relays, 4 people ran 1 lap Alex, Aimee, Macy and Scarlett came 6th.While Ben, Jack, Daniel and Sam came 5th. Overall we came 4th in the whole of Kingston J. St Marys came 1st, Latchmere came 2nd and Surbiton high came 3rd.    



By Yasmin Limalia-Cheng, 6G.

Year 6 Indoor Football

Boules Tournament


Congratulations to 6T who won our first ever Boules Tournament!

Cross Country

On the 11th of November 23rd children went to Richmond Park for a Cross Country run. We ran 2.27km over a hilly, muddy and stony terrain. There was lots of hills and ditches.


For the girls A team Alex Lambe came 17th, Catlin O’Donovan came 37th, Ella Cashman came 46th and Yasmin Limalia Cheng came 65th. They had a team score of 165 placing 7th. In the B team Scarlett Willoughby came 88th, Nina Yamaguchi 90th, Ellie Lewin came 134th and Masha S came 159th. They came 8th with a score of 471. For the C team Megan Johnston came 165th, Safia Leloup came 173rd, Eve McNeil came 176th and Hannah Mitchell came 188th.


For the boys A team Mathew O’Donovan came 2nd(he received a silver medal!), Sebastian Chang came 19th, Ben Paccie came 28th and Daniel Best came 43rd. Their score was 92 placing them 4th. They just missed out on bronze by 14 points. For the B team Zaccai Kerr came 126th, Daniel Fletcher came 132nd, Jack Mower came 164th and Robbie Steeden came 172nd. Their score was 594 placing them 12th. For the C team Riley Rowsen came 175th, Jack Rust came 194th, Sebastian Scott came 205th and Harvey Mughall came 212th. We all really enjoyed this event.


By Yasmin Limalia Cheng and Safia Leloup



On Friday we had a good time at Gugafit because we got to dance to our favourite songs like Boots & the Fur. We also played lots of fun games and we enjoyed the one where you had to run to a coloured hoop when the music stopped. If your colour hoop was called out you had to do 10 press-ups! We also did a big speed bounce competition in our houses which Jupiter won! To finish we had to do the limbo to another of our favourite songs. We really enjoyed all the dancing, probably about 100%!


By Alicia Evans & Meg Jin, 50.


Boys Football


On Wednesday 5th November we went to a Kingston schools football tournament. The squad was Sebastian Scott, Sam Heptonstall, Ben Paccie, Matt O’Donavon, Daniel best, Icaac May and James Lelliott-Clements.



Match 1 was SASM vs St Joseph’s. SASM won 4-0. Sam scored 1 goal and Sebastian scored 3 goals. Match 2 was SASM vs St Mary’s. SASM lost 4-2 to St Mary’s with Ben and Sam scoring in a close game. Match3 was SASM VS Corpus Christi. We tried our best but we lost 3-0. Match 4 was SASM vs St Paul’s Juniors and we drew 1-1. Sam scored 1 goal and they scored a late goal with THEIR ONLY SHOT OF THE GAME! We finished with Match 5 SASM vs King Athelstan. SASM ended up with a 6-1 win. Sam, Ben and Sebastian all scored 2 goals - A great effort by the whole team!


SASM came 3rd in the tournament and now we qualify for the Kingston finals at Fulham FC’s training ground in December. YES!


By Sebastian Scott 5A.


Year 5 and 6 Girl's Football


On Wednesday 15th of October, 9 girls set out to Chessington Community College to play 6 very competitive teams.


These were the scores of all of the teams that we played: Against St Joseph’s we won 2-0, Christchurch we won 2-1, Coombe Hill are very competitive and we were thrashed by them, the score was 0-2. Latchmere are one of the biggest and best schools of them all so unfortunately they won 0-4. We won by 1-0 against Castle Hill. Finally to wrap it all up Latchmere came 1st, Coombe Hill came 2nd and we came just behind in 3rd. Hopefully SASM will do better next time but it was a fun afternoon!


By Alex Lambe and Hollie Parker, 6LB

Morden Hall Orienteering


This was one of the best trips I have ever been on!                  (Gulneet Sachdeva, 5O)



It’s like Marchants Hill because you get really muddy walking along the trails. (Noah Anstead-Chamberlain, 5O)



It was good because we had to jump over big puddles that were in our way, which was fun! (Anxhelo Kolovos, 5O)



It was quite hard to navigate to some of the last few checkpoints but it was really fun! (Maddy Hogg, 5O)



It was really useful in case you get lost in a forest because you just have to trust the map! (Lucas Owens, 5O)

Year 3 and 4 Girl's Football

On Thursday 9th October some girls from year 3 and 4 went to a Football Tournament.   We got some time to practice so we could be ready to go out and play. We played against Coombe Hill and we won 2 -0, secondly we played King Athelstan and we won 2-0, thirdly we played Fernhill and we won 3-0 and finally we played Latchmere and we won 2-1. Although the teams we played had 5 players and we only had 4 players we still won the tournament because we had a secret weapon in Carmen who scored all our goals and Olivia who was our goalie.


Match report by Lilly-May and Alisha, year 4.

IMG 5505


Borough 5 a Side Tournament


On Tuesday 13th of May SASM went to an indoor 5 a side football tournament. There were 8 teams playing from different schools in Kingston.


Our first game was a hard game against St Paul’s. We played very well and drew 0-0 with Isaac May making a fantastic save whilst hurting his knee. Next we played against Our Lady Immaculate and they scored first. We came back with Sam scoring an excellent goal. Soon after, we played Malden Manor and we made a fantastic start. We scored 5 quick goals through Ben (2), Sam, Daniel and Semoti. Unluckily, they scored in the last few seconds of the game but we didn’t really mind. We scored the most goals in a game by any team in the tournament!


We were then divided in to winners and losers groups. We qualified in to the winners group. We then had to play against St Pauls again winning 1-0 in a very tight game. This was a brilliant achievement as they won the last football tournament a few weeks ago! We then played Lovelace and it was another close game. Right at the end their defender went in to their own penalty area and gave us a penalty. It was extremely close to going in but hit the crossbar and that was the last kick of the game. It all depended on our last game and we knew that we couldn’t lose. We played with a great defensive spirit and another good save from our goalkeeper Isaac in the last few seconds followed by them hitting the angle of the goal meant it finished 0-0 against Ellingham. This meant we had 5 points and won the tournament. We could not contain our happiness as we received the winners trophy!


By Adam Shapiro & Isaac May, 4C


Year 3 and 4 House Football

Year 5 and 6 House Football

Girls Football Tournament



On Monday 10th February a group of eight girls were selected to go to Chessington Community College for a girls football tournament. There were five girls playing on each team.


First SASM played against St Mary’s but the score didn’t count as they were already through to finals. The score was 0-4 to them.


Next we played St Luke’s who were very good and they beat us 0-3.


Then SASM played Grand Avenue. Alex Lambe in year 5 scored the only goal of the game from outside the area which made us win 1-0.


Later we played Castle Hill and Aaliyah in year 6 scored a brilliant hat-trick. The final score was 3-0 to us.


Finally we played against Latchmere. They were a bit too good for us and although Hollie Parker scored one goal we lost 1-4.


Overall we came 3rd out of 6 teams finishing with 8 points just 2 away from getting in to the finals. Well done to all of the girls that played.


By Alex Lambe, 5G


Borough Football Competition


Wednesday 5th February 2014



On Wednesday 5th February 2014 SASM’S Football team went to a tournament at Fulham FC’s training ground.                                                                                                                                      


In our first game SASM played Burlington and drew 0-0 in a close game. Next we played St. Agatha’s and unfortunately lost 2-0 in a tough game. Then to make up for it SASM had a triumphant 3-0 win against St. Joseph’s. In our last game of the group stages it was a close 0-0 draw against Tolworth Juniors. We had the short straw of playing outside in the cold, damp weather but it was an amazing experience for the whole of the year 6 SASM team and we are grateful for the opportunity to go to the football tournament - although we didn’t get to the semi -finals.


In the end Corpus Christie went onto win 10-0 in the final and we came joint second in the group stages.    


By: Drake Francisco and Cameron Weston-Shaw, Year 6.



Sports Hall Athletics

Last week, 16 SASM pupils went to Chessington Community College to take part in a sports hall athletics event. We didn’t do as well as we would have liked coming in 5th out of 6 but we had a great time anyway. Max Tomlinson and Sam Heptonstall were the best on the individual events doing really well in the javelin and standing long jump but the team events didn’t go our way.
Next year you never know though, that could be our year!
By Ben Paccie, 5O
PS. Thanks for taking us Mr Osborne!


Cross Country



On Tuesday 12th November, a few year 6s went to a school cross-country run in Richmond Park. There were two races, a boys and a girls race as there were children from 27 different Kingston schools. The first SASM girl was Mercedes, who came 29th. The first SASM boy was Jaiden, who came 73rd. Everyone did well and managed to finish the race.


Overall the girls came 10th scoring a total of 216 for their race positions combined and the boys did not do quite as well, coming 25th with a score of 466 for their race positions combined.



By Anna Henderson & Rachel Keddie, 6W

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 22 October, SASM set off to New Malden Pool to compete against 18 other schools. We were in group B and there were 3 heats per stroke.

The first race was front crawl for boys and Sebastian came fifth for the boys with 2 points. The second race was front crawl for girls and Catherine was fifth with 2 points. The third race was backstroke for boys and Hiren came first with 6 points, he made it to the final! The next race was backstroke for girls and Ruby came fifth with 2 points. The race after that was breaststroke for boys and Daniel came fifth with 2 points. The next race was breaststroke for girls and Safia came first with 6 points, she made it to the final!

For the boys relay Hiren, Jack, Drew and Alan came fifth with 2 points. In the girls relay Ariadne, Catherine, Hannah and Safia came second with 5 points and made it to the finals. Hiren, Safia and the girls in the relay made it to the final. Hiren came fourth with 3 points, Safia came fourth with 3 points. The girls in the relay came fifth with 2 points.

By Safia Leloup and Yasmin Limalia-Cheng, 5O.

Year 3 & 4 Girls Football

On Tuesday 8th October 2013, 9 football girls went to Ham and played in a football tournament. 

When we got to Ham we started training and got split up into teams. Team 1 consisted of Amelia (captain), Eleanora, Maddy and Eve. Team one lost twice against St Paul's and Tolworth Juniors, then drew against Lovelace. Team 2 consisited of Macie (captain), Ruby, Olivia, Jasmine and Aaliyah. Team 2 won twice against Lovelace and OLI, then lost against Fern Hill. We all had a great time and well done to everyone who played!

By Ruby Shaikh, 4LB .



In October, eight Year 6 pupils took part in Bikeability Training.

On day one, we met our instructor and then did some really fun activities in the playground for a couple of hours, like riding round cones and making sure we were confident on our bikes. We spent the rest of the week riding out on the roads. We made sure we had our cycle helmets and reflective jackets so that we were safe.

 At the end of the week, we had a test to make sure we understand how important it is to cycle safely on the roads. We were awarded badges and certificates in a Celebration Assembly



By Will Smithurst, 6W



On Thursday 16th May 2013, ten year 6 students were chosen to represent SASM in a basketball tournament. Those children in their teams were: Team 3 - Ray (c), Josh, Priscillia; Team 4 - Kean (c), India, Nathan; Team 5 - Blaine (c), Amber, Alfie M and Sam L. If you won, the prize would be huge.

Team 4 stormed through winning both their matches 5-1, 3-1 and Team 3 flew through winning their first three games, 2-1, 4-1, 3-1. These two teams qualified to the semi-finals, team 4, drawing 3-3 and going to a nail-biting shootout which they won 2-1. Team 5 unfortunately not quite getting through to the final losing 3-2.

In the final it was team 4 vs. team 6 (Lovelace). To my pleasure I can announce that we won, consequently qualifying to represent Kingston Borough in the London Youth Games! This will take place on the fourth of July and we`re very much looking forward to shooting more hoops.

By Kean Tahghighi-Everitt, 6D.



On Monday 21st may 2013 some people from SASM, went to a cricket tournament in Chessington. The attendees were: Max (captain), Tom, Ray, Kean, Josh, Nathan, Samuel, Bertie, Jamie and Alfie M. In are first match we played against St. Marys. I won the toss and I chose to field first. I took one wicket at the end of the innings they got 286 , you start on 200. I made 14 runs, I hit two 4’s and 6 1’s.

In are second match we played Lovelace. I lost the toss and we batted first. We made 251. I made 15 runs, 3 4’s and 3 1’s. When we fielded I got 2 wickets. At the end of their innings they got 231. We won by 20 runs exactly.

In are third match it was a play of for 5th and 6th place, against St Pauls. I lost the toss and batted first. We made 274 runs. I got 1 run. When they batted they got 281. I took 1 wicket. We lost by 7 runs exactly.
A special mention to Ray who doesn’t play cricket properly and tried lots, he played really well.   
By Max Tomlinson, 5G. 

On Thursday the 23rd of May 2013, 10 children went to a Tri-Golf tournament at Chessington Community College. We went to 8 different sections where we did different golf activities to earn points. Some activities were to chip the ball but some were to putt the ball.

The 10 children who went were Madeline Paccie, Milly Wong, Alex Durman, Samuel Maclennan, Julia Seal, Hannah Mitchell, Roman Price, Dexter Hawkins and Maddy Hogg. Even though we came last we all had a brilliant time! St. Paul's came first with 762 points, St Mary's came second with 635 points, Malden Manor came fourth with 485 points and we were close behind with 448 points.

A great afternoon for all!


Dino Adventure Golf

On Tuesday 2nd July, Mr Osborne’s golf club went to the New Malden Dino Adventure Golf. We played an 18-hole game. Our golf balls sped across rivers, under waterfalls and over ridges. Everyone had a really good time and some of us even made it on to the leader board. Well done to Richard Bolton for being the youngest person on there!

By Hannah Mitchell, 4S.  


Sports Hall Athletics



Students for years 5 and 6 at SASM were involved in a sports day athletics competition at Hollyfield School .We took part in many track and field events. For the boys Josh Mower and Nathan Buck won the 2x1 lap relay. Alfie Painter and Nathan Buck won the 2x2 lap relay. Max Tomlinson came 4th place in the 6 lap relay with Tom Heptonstall. Josh Mower, Alfie Painter, Sam MacLennan and Sam Franca came 4th place in the 4x1 lap relay. For the girls Blaine Allaway-Arnold and Jasmine Bates won the 2x1 lap relay. Mercedes DeBardelaben and Rachel Keddie won the 2x2 lap relay. India Clarke came 3rd in the 6x6 lap relay with Amber Harwood. Blaine Allaway-Arnold, Jade Huntley, Priscillia Ayoola and Mercedes DeBardelaben won the 4x1 lap relay.


In the field events India Clarke won the chest push with Jade Huntley coming 2nd. Jade Huntley and Rachel Keddie won the triple jump. India Clarke won the vertical jump.


For the boys Kean Tahghighi won the soft javelin with Max Tomlinson. The girls won the battle of the genders with 102 points and the boys came second with 97 points. In the overall event SASM came second with 199 points, only 18 points behind the winners.




Students for years 5 and 6 at SASM were involved in a sports day athletics competition at Hollyfield School .We took part in many track and field events. We made an excellent start by winning the first four races with boys and girls putting in great performances. For the boys Josh Mower and Nathan Buck won the 2x1 lap relay. Alfie Painter and Nathan Buck won the 2x2 lap relay. For the girls Blaine Allaway-Arnold and Jasmine Bates won the 2x1 lap relay. Mercedes DeBardelaben and Rachel Keddie won the 2x2 lap relay.

Later, Max Tomlinson came 4th place in the 6 lap relay with Tom Heptonstall. Josh Mower, Alfie Painter, Sam MacLennan and Sam Franca came 4th place in the 4x1 lap relay. India Clarke and Amber Harwood came 3rd in the 6x6 lap relay. Blaine Allaway-Arnold, Jade Huntley, Priscillia Ayoola and Mercedes DeBardelaben won the 4x1 lap relay.

In the field events India Clarke won the chest push with Jade Huntley coming 2nd. Jade Huntley and Rachel Keddie won the triple jump, and India Clarke won the vertical jump. For the boys, Max Tomlinson won the soft javelin.

Overall, the girls won the battle of the genders with 102 points and the boys came second with 97 points. In the overall event SASM came second with 199 points, only 18 points behind the winners.

By India Clarke and Amber Harwood. 





High 5 Netball



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